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our ‘the ageing workforce – what’s your strategy?’ report

Ageing Workforce - What's Your Strategy research report from talentsmoothieOur latest primary research report ‘The Ageing Workforce – What’s Your Strategy?’ is available now! It highlights a significant new demographic challenge for employers, and will help you establish how well prepared your organisation is and what it needs to do to transform the ‘ageing workforce situation’ from a serious strategic threat into an opportunity. For your free sample of the report, read on…

We asked 850 baby boomer employees their views on retirement versus working longer; and we asked 13 organisations their views on the ageing workforce and what plans they have for change. The result is our full-colour printed report, endorsed by HR magazine. It shares best practice from the organisations surveyed and our recommendations. You can download the free e-sample of the report as a PDF to see the introductions to each section. The full printed report costs £345 and gives you the chance to:

  • find out what your older employees are really thinking about work, and learn how you can harness their valuable potential; the report features a series of practical recommendations for action, based on our analysis of the feedback
  • learn from the success stories of organisations who are already capitalising on the needs of their older employees to create win-win, profitable working environments; the report features case studies from organisations already anticipating, recognising and responding to the ageing-workforce trend: Barclays Wealth, BMW, Coursera, GSK, Sodexo and Vita Needle
  • assess what action your organisation should take now to reduce the risk of a talent shortage in the future; the report contains a unique diagnostic tool of 25 carefully targeted questions to help you understand exactly how your organisation is placed today and what you need to do now to avoid missing out on maximising the benefits of one of your potentially most valuable resources

We invite you to read our report and then answer this question, Is your organisation taking this subject seriously enough? Choose from the options below and make sure you are among the first to glimpse this compelling, new primary research, and so create a competitive advantage for your organisation.

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Click the ‘Buy Now’ button below to purchase our special corporate package consisting of 6 printed copies of the report plus a PDF version for distribution within your organisation, for the all-in price of £2000. You can use a range of credit or debit cards or your Paypal account if you have one – a Paypal account is not necessary in order to buy, simply select the option to pay with a debit or credit card at the bottom right of the next page.

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our ‘gen up on social recruiting’ research report

Gen Up on Social Recruiting research report from talentsmoothieAre you, like many others, unsure about how to use social media for recruitment? Our recent survey asked 137 Gen Ys and Gen Zs how they use social media, and specifically how they use it to search for a job. We discovered that the key to making the best use of social recruiting is to know what social media sites Gen Y and Z will use for their job search, what information they want to know, and how they want to interact with you via social media. To ensure you spend your time and effort on the things that will make the biggest difference to your recruitment campaign we think you’ll want to see this research before your competitors do. For your free electronic copy email Justine James at justinejames@talentsmoothie.com.

our ‘graduate appeal’ research report

Graduate Appeal Report from talentsmoothie
Our ‘graduate appeal’ research report will help you understand how to become more appealing to graduates.

If you recruit graduates we think you will benefit greatly from its insight.

For your free electronic copy email Justine James

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