Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Your Employee Value Proposition is what we call your ‘people deal’. We help you define it for outstanding business performance and employee satisfaction — create a great place to work, where your clients will love to do business.

Employee Engagement

We help you recruit the best people, manage them successfully and deliver your ‘people deal’ to them consistently. We work with you to develop processes, behaviours and a culture that will excite and engage your employees so they are motivated to give their best — build a work environment where employee engagement breaks records and people can shine.

Effective Leadership

We help you define what ‘great leadership’ looks like in your organisation, and we provide the framework and the development plan to bring everyone up to that level of greatness (in line with your business goals, values and EVP) — lead and manage your workforce effectively, so people perform and thrive.

Employer Brand & Recruitment

We help you articulate and communicate your ‘people deal’ to be exciting and compelling, so it targets, reaches and appeals to the brilliant people (from diverse backgrounds and with the wide range of experience) you want  — attract, select and recruit the top talent you need to grow and sustain a successful business.

Innovative Workplace
(the changing world of work)

We help you protect your ‘people deal’ by keeping it relevant and innovative. We are experts in the changing world of work and understand its potential impact on your workforce and your organisational culture — be at the forefront of thinking and ahead of your competitors.

“Talentsmoothie were our lead external partners in helping us to create our first Employee Value Proposition in AstraZeneca at both a global and a local level. From concept design, formulation, testing and evaluation they proved themselves to be immensely capable and more than up to the challenge of advising on one of our biggest and complex pieces of organisational development. Through their rigorous approach, and ability to integrate other core elements such as our business strategy and corporate brand, they helped to ensure that our EVP will be sustainable in the medium to long term. Above all, it was their positive can-do attitude and their utmost flexibility and confidence in helping us to navigate ambiguous scenarios, that really impressed. From my experience they are one of only a small handful of external partners that truly understand what an EVP is and how it can work to drive a business and its culture forward.”
Stephen Lochhead — former Director, Global Talent Attraction, AstraZeneca

We are talentsmoothie Organisational Development consultants, connecting organisations and people.

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