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The Ageing Workforce: What’s Your Strategy?

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We asked 850 baby boomer employees their views on retirement versus working longer and 13 organisations their views on the ageing workforce and what plans they have for change. Download the free e-sample to see the introductions to each section. The full printed report costs £345 . Find out what your older employees are really thinking about work. Learn from the success stories of organisations who are capitalising on the needs of their older employees to create win-win, profitable working environments. Read case studies from organisations already anticipating, recognising and responding to the ageing-workforce trend: Barclays Wealth, BMW, Coursera, GSK, Sodexo and Vita Needle. Assess what action your organisation should take now to reduce the risk of a talent shortage in the future: use the unique diagnostic tool included in the full report.

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Social Recruiting, Generation Y, Graduate Appeal

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We asked 137 Gen Ys and Gen Zs how they use social media, and specifically how they use it to search for a job. We discovered that the key to effective social recruiting is to know what social media sites Gen Y and Z will use for their job search, what they want to know, and how they want to interact with you via social media. Use our findings to inform your recruitment campaign.

talentsmoothie gen y what they want from work report cover

One of the first global research reports into Generation Y, our research conducted in 2008 asks 2521 Gen Ys what they want from work and covers how to attract, engage and motivate Gen Ys, as well as dispelling a few myths about their loyalty to employers and how they like to learn. Learn more about what your Gen Ys need and expect, to help them thrive and excel in their work for you.

talentsmoothie gen y comparison asia rest of world

Building on our first Gen Y report, this report looks specifically at the differences and similarities between Gen Ys in 12 Asian countries compared with the UK and the rest of the world. This is especially useful information for anyone with a global role or with specific responsibility for recruiting and retaining Gen Y talent in Asia. Gain valuable insight into the needs of your Gen Y workforce worldwide.

talentsmoothie graduate appeal report cover

Our 2011 research report covering graduate career and employer choice.  Graduates tell us that they struggle to differentiate between employers and what they have to offer.  We look at how organisations can increase their chances of hiring and retaining the best graduates. Read our report and use its findings to help inform your graduate attraction, recruitment and engagement strategies.

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