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Generation Z What They Want from Work (2022)

Generation Z What They Want from Work (2022) report cover
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Our latest Gen Z intel is here.

At talentsmoothie, we’re celebrating! It’s our 15th birthday this month.

So, it feels like the perfect time to share our brand new, ‘hot off the press’ generational insights. We’ve just published our latest research report containing what you need to know to attract and retain Gen Z talent. We think you’ll want to read it:

Generation Z What They Want from Work (2022)

  • Gen Z is the generation shaping the workplaces of the future and is already close to accounting for a fifth of our global workforce.
  • Gen Z’s preferences have been influenced by the pandemic and are changing.
  • Gen Z’s adoption of new ways of working rubs off on and influences the attitudes of older generations; their views affect us all.

Talentsmoothie was founded with a commitment to understanding different people’s perspectives – what’s important to people in the workplace – to help our clients know how they might need to flex and accommodate changing needs in their Employee Value Propositions. Since our first report Gen Y What They Want from Work (2008), we’ve continued to research and report insights with a generational and inclusive lens.

We LOVE what we do – and we are so grateful for all our wonderful clients, colleagues and everyone interested in our research and its findings. You give us our purpose and motivation to keep doing more.

We’re delighted to be sharing this research with you! Happy 15th birthday to us 😊

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