How talentsmoothie can help you support your people during C-19

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How are you?

A simple question, but one that today conjures more complex answers than ever. The current situation is impacting us all in such different and unexpected ways. As well as the distress caused by the disease itself, there are so many unplanned consequences that we will be exploring and trying to fully understand for months, and possibly years, to come.

There’s never been a more important time to do the right thing for your employees, but it’s also most certainly never been harder. How you act now will set the tone for your relationship with your people in the longer term.

The impact of the C-19 virus is complex. There are intrinsic and extrinsic consequences. We have identified a number of ways we can support you to help your employees across your business, at organisational, team and individual levels.

‘Check-in’ Survey
(offered in exchange for a charitable donation to Mind)

We have designed a ‘plug and play’ survey to help you understand:

  • How your employees are coping in their new work paradigm, whether they continue to work or are furloughed
  • How to support your employees as you come out of lockdown

The survey questions focus on intrinsic and extrinsic needs. They will help you clarify how your employees are coping, what is going well for them, and what support they would welcome – both now and as you transition out of lockdown. There are two survey options: one focuses on employees who continue to work, but mainly from home, and the other on those that have been furloughed.

talentsmoothie C-19 Check-in Survey snapshot with sample question
talentsmoothie C-19 Check-in Survey snapshot

We will provide a survey link for you to send to your employees from our survey platform. The survey can be sent to a particular team, business unit or all employees, it’s up to you. We will analyse the responses and provide you with a short report including our observations and recommendations.

If you prefer to use your own survey platform, we will provide you with the survey questions. We can still analyse the responses if you share the results with us.

We are motivated to support as many people as we can through this challenging time, which is why we are waiving our fees for this service, in lieu of a donation to the charity Mind. Mind provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. They are currently facing increased demand for their help and we’d like to contribute to their financial resources. We know budgets are tight, so we are asking you only for the contribution that you can manage, however big or small.

There is the option for a follow-up Q&A with senior teams to discuss the survey results and our recommendations about how to continue to manage remote teams or transition out of lockdown – nominal fee of £75 per hour.

Coaching support

We have a cadre of excellent coaches at talentsmoothie. They are here to help you offer confidential coaching to your people now, at a time when they may need that additional layer of support. We are temporarily offering our coaches for a much-reduced fee; their services can be purchased by the hour as you need them.

‘It’s good to talk’ – some employees, whether still working or currently furloughed, could be struggling. Some might welcome a confidential conversation with someone who is trained to listen without judgment. Our coaches can help them think through new possibilities, solve difficult issues and face the future with less fear. As always, the coaching content will be based on goals agreed with each individual. In our experience, topics may vary but are likely to include areas such as managing change, uncertainty, resilience, managing difficult people and/or situations, and health and wellbeing.

Our coaches can support any of your teams that are struggling to manage the changing way they need to work together. We can help them support each other and maintain their focus on what they need to achieve.

We usually sell our coaching services in packages – but we want to help as many people as we can. We are temporarily offering our qualified coaches for £75 per hour of coaching, with no minimum purchase required.

Our coaches can support any of your teams that might be struggling to manage the changing way they need to work together to continue to support each other and maintain focus on what they need to achieve.

We hope we can help you, and in doing so also help the great charity Mind.

We’re ready, just contact us and we can get started together.

Or download our printable PDF flyer containing details of these offerings.

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