What about this? Podcast series, Episode 1: Office v homeworking – the optimal mix?

What about this? Podcast episode 1 concept talentsmoothie

What about this?

Welcome to our What about this? podcast series about the Employee Experience in 2020. We’re excited for this new venture and to share it with you! Our aim is to provide you with current, easily digestible and useful content that you can listen to wherever you are. We’ll be discussing relevant ideas to help you manage during these uncertain times.

Episode 1 tackles a topic on our clients’ minds as we all emerge from lockdown, Office v homeworking – what’s the optimal mix? You might also like to read our related research-based blog post, Planning the next ‘normal’, where will we work post C-19?

Other ways talentsmoothie can help

We don’t have all the answers, but, by contributing what we know, we hope we can help you make good decisions for your organisation and your people over the months ahead.

Our focus is on helping organisations understand what’s important to their employees and how that might have changed. We’re reviewing Employee Value Propositions to make sure they will create the culture required for success in the ‘next normal’.  We’re also supporting individuals with coaching and, in some cases, outplacement support, and we’ve reduced our prices in order to help as many people as we can. Please talk to us about how we could help you.

Or, download our printable PDF flyer containing details of some of our C-19 offerings.

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