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Creating a great Values-led workplace culture at Pulsant

'People First' project Pulsant and talentsmoothie
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We’ve just added a new Values and EVP Case Study to our website, with thanks to our client, Pulsant, for allowing us to share their story.

It’s exciting because this Values-led Pulsant—talentsmoothie project was born directly out of the pandemic and its impact on people. How have organisations responded, in practice, to unexpected shifts in their employees’ attitudes and behaviours?

This is your chance to find out.

A people-led opportunity

Pulsant experienced something very positive in the hiatus of the pandemic… and they asked talentsmoothie to help them capitalise on it.

Pulsant had noticed how their employees really came together to support each other through such a challenging period. Their leaders wanted to harness this spirit of ‘togetherness’ to create an aspirational employee experience and make Pulsant an even better place to work. 

A Values and EVP project

The project had the ideal starting point; the whole Leadership team was fully supportive and bought into the importance of putting people first. Our original brief was to look at the Pulsant Values and update them to be fit for purpose in the context of the new world of work; we were asked to marry these with a fresh articulation of their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) – the work environment that enables them to thrive and deliver their best for their customers, employees and suppliers.

A lasting relationship

We developed a great working relationship with the Pulsant team. From the initial ‘post-pandemic’ Values-led project, our role has become one of a longer-term trusted advisor. We continue to work with Pulsant to make sure they embed the Values across all aspects of the employee lifecycle which is the only way to effect lasting behavioural and cultural change.

A ‘People First’ journey

This is a really good example of how unexpected adversity can bring about inspiring Values-led transformation, if an organisation is alert, ‘listening’ to their people, and willing to draw on the expert support they need to make the right changes and make them last. We are delighted to be a part of Pulsant’s continuing ‘People First’ journey.

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