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Case Study: Values and EVP at Pulsant

This key project involved identifying, articulating and designing the Values and Employee Value Proposition (EVP) right for Pulsant employees and clients, and implementing them across all areas of the business.

The goal

Our objective was to identify the behaviours required to deliver a differentiated service to clients – as well as a rewarding and motivating environment for employees. Focus on people had always been a priority, but, after several years of change and business acquisitions, it was even more important. This was especially true during and after the pandemic as people pulled together and looked out for each other, creating a huge sense of ‘togetherness’. It seemed wise to harness this spirit of collaboration – developing teams and individuals to make Pulsant an ever-better place to work.

The time was right to define company Values and an Employee Value Proposition and embed these internally to boost levels of engagement and motivation. This also helped enhance Pulsant’s employer brand and attractiveness to new talent.

What we did

We created a clear articulation of Pulsant’s company culture wrapped in Values and an EVP. We adapted our methodology to define Company Values and EVP in one research phase. This was a truly collaborative effort that drew insights from business leaders and everyone across the organisation at all levels. 

The inclusive process drew on a combination of interviews and focus groups, each time taking account of, and building on, diverse views, to get a clear and rich picture of the work environment and its strengths and opportunities for the future.

It was striking how aligned people were, and this made choosing five Values that represented the essence of the organisation relatively straightforward. 

How Pulsant deliver their service to clients defines their offering. An essential part of the process was to identify the behaviours that drive their Values. These behaviours define their employee experience, their service to clients, and their relationships with suppliers and partners. Once identified, they were woven into every people ‘touch point’ along the employee lifecycle.

Key project outputs

A comprehensive set of tools and interventions was delivered to support embedding the Values over time. This reflects Pulsant’s commitment to creating the best workplace culture and acknowledges that cultures can’t be created in a day but need continued commitment and focus.

  • Clearly defined Values and EVP
  • Implementation strategy with ongoing actions and check points (Values workshops, training of Values ambassadors, opinion surveys)
  • Input to and creation of comms that wouldn’t just land – but would increase engagement
  • Leadership framework based on Values – identifying the behaviours expected across the business, with practical development tips
  • Performance Management training
  • Leadership academy
  • Executive team development

The difference we made

Defining the Values encapsulated the essence of Pulsant in a simple format that could be ‘threaded’ and replicated across every aspect of what they do. The five Values have become an integral part of the language and have given a set of guidelines around behaviour that defines Pulsant’s culture. They are easy to remember because they are so relevant and specific to the work Pulsant do. Decisions are sense checked easily by referring to them.

  • The Values feed into all aspects of how Pulsant do business and into significant processes such as performance management, reward, written documents such as job descriptions, and all communications.
  • The Values support development conversations by providing a clear understanding of what’s expected by everyone across the business and by creating the guidance people need to grow and develop. 
  • The Values are the needed connection between happy people who are therefore more likely to do great work. Pulsant’s focus on ‘people first’ has improved customer service and has positively impacted their business performance.
Pulsant 'People First' values and EVP illustration talentsmoothie
Images included here with thanks to Pulsant

This project has galvanised the people-focus commitment started by the pandemic – by bringing it into everyday conversations and by recognising and rewarding colleagues’ contributions to creating a great place to work. Pulsant have been able to showcase this great behaviour and elevate their employer brand and reputation…

…and the journey continues.

“talentsmoothie… a much-valued Partner

Working with talentsmoothie seemed an obvious choice from the very start. Their understanding of what we wanted to achieve – together with the energy and drive to deliver it – was immediately clear. Throughout the process, the team provided strategic and hands-on support, as well as ‘heavy lifting’ and quality input to all touch points of the project. Our Values are now at the heart of all that we do and visible in every aspect of life at Pulsant. Talentsmoothie is a much-valued Partner in our People agenda.
Angela Paterson — Head of Talent, Pulsant

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