Great feedback during C-19. Support, encourage, motivate your people.

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Perhaps, ‘Oh no, I’m going to be told what I’ve done wrong or need to do better.’

Or, ‘Great, I want to know how I’m doing and what I can improve!’

Or maybe, something in between.

Our generational research, over the years, has discovered something interesting. The older generations Xers and Boomers are more likely to initially feel more negative towards the mention of feedback, whilst Ys and Zs will be more positive.

We think this is the reason that Ys and Zs who have Xer and Boomer managers, sometimes feel they don’t get enough feedback. It’s not that Boomers and Xers can’t give feedback well, it’s just that they don’t value it in the same way, and so, don’t prioritise it.

At talentsmoothie, we help businesses create work environments that enable all generations to thrive equally. We’re experts in helping organisations create motivational work experiences for their people, especially during times of change and transformation.

We LOVE giving and receiving feedback ourselves. It’s motivating!

So, we’re delighted to share some words received recently from our wonderful client, Save the Children, about working with us: 

We’d love to help you in a similar way. We have some special C-19 offerings, including the ‘Check-In Survey’ mentioned in the testimonial, for you to explore.

Or download our printable PDF flyer containing the details.

Talk to us. We’re ready to support you.

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